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Coming in Winter 2019, we’ll be launching Starburns Presents, an on-going series highlighting varied works from all-stars orbiting Starburns Industries and anchored by series like B-Squad, Monster Safari, and Tiny Wizards.

Starburns Presents will feature comics, prose, behind-the-scenes material from our various projects, and adaptations of some our classic Starburns Audio podcasts! Subscribing members will be lavished with goodies beyond the book.

Our cassette tape club is an experimental audio playground featuring music, comedy, field recordings, and improvised novels.

From hip-hop albums featuring Open Mike Eagle, Dan Harmon, Rob Tanchum, to holiday music albums from Dino Stamatopoulos, an improvised novel curated by Jeff B. Davis, workout music from DJ Doggpound, cosmic journey with Angelyne the Billboard Queen, and prank calls with Johnny Pemberton.


Since our founding in 2017, we’ve published the comic books a wide-range of creators, writers, and artists.

From our featured series of books, Starburns Presents, highlighting works from all-stars orbiting Starburns Industries to our on-going series like Hellicious, Oddwell, Gryffen, Invasion from Wrestletopia, Comics Comics, Nasquatch, and Long Ago & Far Away to stand-alone books like The Crawling King and Dino Stamatopoulos’ musical/comic book, Trent.

We’ve featured work from Dan Harmon, Dino Stamatopoulos, Patton Oswalt, Jeff B. Davis, Rob Schrab, and more — in addition to under-discovered work from talents across the entertainment industry.

Learn more about our chefs, find new voices, and see if we could even highlight your work in comics, cassette, or book form!


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We’re cooking with so much gas.

Publishing the Beautiful, funny, strange, and Sad.

Founded by Simon Oré in 2017, Starburns Industries Press serves as a creator-focused independent publisher, bringing a unique blend of unusual art, high concepts, humor, and experimental storytelling to markets through books, comics, games, and even cassette tapes. Their debut efforts range from on-going comic book series like “Hellicious” and “Oddwell”, the musical graphic novels “Trent” , successful Kickstarter-based projects like "The Crawling King" and "Comics Comics” and a subscription-based cassette tape club on Kickstarter’s Drip featuring albums from comedians, wrestlers, rappers, writers, motivational speakers, and more.

Additionally, Starburns Industries Press serves in part as a creative incubator for the Burbank-based Starburns Industries, an animation studio run by Dan Harmon (Community, Rick and Morty, HarmonQuest), Dino Stamatopolous (Morel Orel, Mary Shelley’s Frankenhole), James Fino (King of the Hill, Animals), and Duke Johnson (Anomalisa, Community, Morel Orel). The creator-driven studio has been home to the production of numerous television series, feature films, shorts, and music videos. This bridge allows for Starburns Industries Press to be uniquely poised in fostering new talent with diverse voices under the eye of award-winning producers who understand the need for creative freedom to be confidently original and ground-breaking.

This started out as a way to incubate and develop intellectual properties that we could then expand into television and film. We’re poised to reach out to our really great roster of artists, comedians, and writers that we work with at Starburns Industries to create really beautiful one-of-a-kind books, graphic novels, interactive material.
— Simon Oré

Executive Chefs

Founder, President
Simon Oré

Founder, Head of Acquisitions
Trevor Richardson

Michael Calero

Executive Editor
Brendan Wright


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Returning Winter 2019, Starburns Presents is poised to deliver exciting comics, stories, and other goodies from creators you know and don’t know yet orbiting around Starburns Industries!

Our exclusive subscription plans open in October!

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